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Our first blog post!

Grateful Dad Pottery is focused on perpetuating art, healthy food and our connection to the Earth through handmade pottery. These three things represent the past, present and future of who we are.

Past: Our vision begins with that wonderful ancient material, clay. Think many thousands of years of the Earth's crust slowly eroding, depositing microscopic particles we call clay. Shape it, heat it, apply an impervious surface and we have pottery. Simplicity, yes, but you've probably taken a class somewhere along the way.

Present: Beautiful experiences and objects have been recognized as essential for humans for, well...forever. We can't simply make a cup. We want something that looks amazing, makes us smile and feels good to hold.

Future: Healthy foods come from healthy soils, right? Whether from the garden, local grower's market or supermarket, fresh ingredients are the best for use in our fermentation crocks. For us, time spent in the garden not only puts life's issues in perspective, it allows us to nurture the plants that sustain us.

Our favorite Grateful Dad Pottery saying so far is, "however you prepare it; mix, pour, stir, drip, distill, steep, brew, or ferment, we have a vessel for you."

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Playing with a fern design, kinda fun

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