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Pottery classes

We are introducing two types of pottery classes; Make It and Glaze It! and Smile, You're Glazing! 

Make It and Glaze It!: classes are two sessions; one to make your beautiful piece and the second session to glaze it. We designed this class for creative souls that want to go beyond a "sip and paint" experience.This two session class is $60 and includes tools, materials, instruction and firing...and maybe some spontaneous inspiration on the side. Schedule the second session for glazing at your convenience at least one week after making your artwork.

NOTE: You may see that the Glaze It! calendar schedule shows FREE. What a deal, right? That's because you've already paid for this 2nd session when you book your Make It! first session. 

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Special project: one of our customer favorites is carving clay pumpkins. You can do this in a two-session Make it and Glaze It! class  or a one-time visit and we'll finish it with or without a clear glaze. We use a colored clay for pumpkins, so they'll look similar to terra cotta but be durable stoneware. Advance notice is required for pumpkins. One week is plenty. 

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Smile, You're Glazing!: If a one-time event is more to your taste or schedule, then Smile, You're Glazing! is the choice for you at $35. During this session you'll decorate a selected handmade piece from our inventory, and we'll have it ready within a week for pickup. Want to request a specific item? No problem! Contact us a couple weeks ahead of your scheduled date and we'll get it ready.

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Some details: Classes are designed to provide a successful, creative experience for everyone. This means our project ideas will work for skill levels beginner through advanced. Whether you want to stay in your comfort zone or risk it all, we'll help it happen. Common projects include bowls, cups, mugs, plates and other utilitarian items. Have an idea? Bring it! Tools, materials, guided instruction and firing are included. All classes take place on site at our Grants Pass studio space. Winter classes January through April are smaller (3-6 people) and held in the studio where it's cozy and warm. Summer classes (up to 10 people) move outside into our garden space. 

Classes are scheduled from 4:00-6:00 p.m. or 6:00-8:00 p.m. on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (see calendar at checkout). Make It and Glaze It weeks are labeled separately. Can you schedule classes on a day or time not listed? Certainly! Contact us by email, text or phone to make those arrangements. You're also welcome to bring your own cooler with food and beverages to the event.